I’m the founder of LEGO Zelda Project, I am 15 years old, and live in Minnesota. I absolutly love Nintendo and LEGO’s, I have some experience with LEGO stop motion, so I hope I can use that for my series I am creating, below is information about the Zelda stop motion, so feel free to read it. If you have any questions contact me here.

I am working on a series of LEGO Zelda stop-motion, with the use of LEGO minifigures. Other than the minifigures I really don’t use many LEGO’s. For 1, I don’t have the amount of LEGO’s I need to create a detailed set for this project, and 2, the models I am creating make it so I have the capability of putting in lighting, and other amazing details that I can’t do easily with LEGO’s. The minifigures are covered with labels to customize them to look like the characters from the game (based off of ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’) The sets I am making from the game are Hyrule Castle Town, and possibly Lon Lon Ranch. The background that includes the Temple of Time and other structures like Hyrule Castle, will be green screened into the background. Other than that, Hyrule Castle Town will actually be modeled. I hope to release this in the next month or so. That is a little ambitious  but I think I can release something, maybe not the first episode, but possibly a video of the complete characters or the story of the series.



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